This neoprene fat burner top is thick enough to create heat, leading to INCREASE SWEAT AND BURN MORE CALORIES when exercise or working out.


OUR THERMAL GYM TANK will keep your midsection warm even without training. It will trim your tummy  flatten the whole abdomen and smooth out the belly back fat. Underbust corset vest can cover lots of body area except the chest area.


Not only gives you extra comfort around your chest without binding,but also uprights and pushes up your breasts though you have a larger bust.You will see the difference instantly after wear it.


This will give you pretty strong lumbar support and is much comfortable than most back support belt.It also correct your posture and makes you look better.It could be wear everyday as daily thermo underwear garment.

(0030) Neoprene Vest Double Belt Trainer

Preisab 50,00£
  • Double layer hi-compression design to make a sexy curve on abdomen and waist.

    The inner layer with no closure waist trimmer belt allow you to trim your tummy waist,and the outer layer with Zipper allow you to adjust the size tightness.

    It compresses the bulges to slim your abs and create hourglass look,make you lose inches instantly when you put it on.