Burning calories in the most quickly way, with our products:


Neopreno Triple Bel Trainer (0513-0)

Increases the thermal activity by allowing toxins and impurities to exit the skin, now with THREE BELTS this product is the most complete FAT BURNER.


Hot Body Gel (400gr). (0812-0-002)

 Apply the gel around your waist, thighs, stomach, buttocks or legs after shower, massage in circulate motions, use for 6-8hours each use.  

*Do not apply in your face


Osmotic Film(12146)

The osmotic wrap can be used on any part of the body that may have unwanted fat. This weight loss body wrap was designed to provide long term results as it detoxifies your cells and compresses target bumpy areas.


Made in Colombia

Neopreno Super Sweat Bundle

90,00£ Standardpreis